Published December 1, 2015

Vanishing Roots

The dedication of an indigenous Cambodian community to protect its sacred forest

Videographer Thomas Cristofoletti, journalist Clothilde Le Coz and photographer Antoine Raab went to the Prey Lang forest and spent ten days documenting the life of the Prey Lang community and the network they created to protect the forest. In one of the most remote areas of Cambodia, they met with people from the Kuy community and learned how deeply rooted in nature they are and how climate change and the distress of the forest affects their way of life.
Clothilde Le Coz, Antoine Raab, Thomas Cristofoletti
Published November 11, 2014

Dreaming Singapore

Stories of Indonesian migrant workers

<p> Indonesian domestic workers are one of the largest groups in the world and one of the most exploited with more than 4 million Indonesian women working abroad as domestic workers.&nbsp;According to the ILO, 75-80 per cent of these women will endure &ldquo;isolation, underpayment, long working hours, forced labour, human trafficking and violence&rdquo;. This article investigates the movement of migrants leaving Indonesia to places like Singapore, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.<br /> This story follows women at various stages of their journey: from training centres in Indonesia, to daily life in Singapore, and their return home, highlighting how complex it is to navigate the risks and dangers of their journey.</p>
Nicolas Axelrod, Michael Malay and Thomas Cristofoletti